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Giving back to our community is our social responsibility, please help us to grant children that can not afford training in the arts. GO TO: CAUSTIC ENT SCHOLARSHIPS


We have started a funding campaign to build an oganization for talented indigent children to create scholarship grants for training, instruments & tools in music, theater, film, television, radio, photography, visual arts & dance. 

We are granting scholarship money to our inner city & poverty stricken children whose parents can not afford instruments, tools and training in the arts. 

We are working very hard to build resources, affiliates & funding for this amazing project. I know coming from the Bronx, we had zero funding for training in the arts and our parents did the best that they could. We are striving to help inner city & poverty stricken talented creative children from the ages of 5 - 17 years old to receive the creative training that they deserve to get to the next level to receive college scholarships. Also, teaching them to understand and learn how to live off of their art and dreams as well.


We are accepting investors, sponsors, and affiliates to raise funds for a administrative staff, instructors, instruments, books and tools for classes and training. 

We will target the children that live on the poverty level in Metro Atlanta and our mission will be to expand statewide, regionally, nationwide, and worldwide.

If you wish to offer your instructional services contact us @ 404-974-5744

We are also offering courses and lectures to educate our young creatives to understand and learn about Business Management, Artist Development, Branding, Integrated Marketing, Sales, Marketing Research, Communications, Contracts, Composition, and Career Placement. 


Please DONATE $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more to help us help our talented children.




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